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Investing & growing my money

Investing & growing my money

This strategy is all about growth, renewal and opportunity. It is important that you have a clear understanding of your options to grow your wealth and a plan to generate a passive income.


Make your money work for your future.

By investing you have an opportunity to put your money to work, ideally by accumulating appreciating assets.

Shares, equities & managed funds

Offer the potential for:

• Capital gains from increases in share values,
• The benefit of world class professional managers,
• A regulatory environment that is second to none
in the world.
• Depending upon your tax rates and investment
vehicle, the opportunity for lower tax rates.
• Benefits of dividends and imputation credits.
• In the long term, an asset base that has
appreciated in value over a period of time.

Shares, equities and managed funds are very easy to
buy, easy to sell and are very liquid – i.e. you can turn
them into cash very quickly…

Why property investment?

For many people, investing in property can seem prohibitively expensive or overwhelmingly complex. It doesn’t have to be. Property is generally regarded
as one of the safest and most effective long-term investment options. And, with a little help, it can be surprisingly straightforward.

When considering investing in
shares, ask yourself:

✓ Do I have an investment strategy?
✓ What is my time frame for investment?
✓ What are the returns I want to achieve?
✓ Am I aware of the risks involved?
✓ How will I manage risks and what risks
am I willing to take?
✓ Do I want income from dividends or
capital growth in the value of my shares?
✓ Will I actively trade shares or take a
long-term buy-and-hold approach?
✓ Will I gear my portfolio?
✓ Will I use a margin loan?
✓ Is dollar cost averaging something for
me to consider?
✓ Am I going to do the research myself or
use a broker to find me opportunities?


Unlike property, there’s no upkeep, no maintenance and the entry level is limited by the broker you use, and/or minimum parcel sizes of shares as determined by the company. This can be as little as a few hundred dollars.

Benefits of investing in property

$ Capital growth:

Capital growth is when your property increases in value over time. Your best chance of achieving capital growth is buying the right property in the right place and most importantly at the right price. There are also benefits from regular rental returns.

$ Control:

Different to shares and commodities, the residential property market is generally less volatile. You make all the decisions and have all the control.

$ Easy to get finance:

Banks, like Australians, love property. In fact, banks regard property as prime
security, against which some will lend up to 95% of the property’s value. Banks will lend more on residential property than any other asset class.

$ Tax benefits:

There are tax advantages of owning an investment property, particularly in regards to Australia’s negative gearing laws.

What’s next?

A goal without a plan is just a wish