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Protect me & my money

Protect me & my money

This strategy is about ensuring that if the unthinkable happens you can rest easy in the knowledge that you and your family will not suffer any financial loss due to illness, injury or death.

Protect me, my family, my money

Choosing the type and appropriate amount of insurance is a good way to make sure that if anything were to happen, you and your loved ones would be looked after financially.

Income protection

How long would you be able to sustain your
lifestyle and meet your financial commitments
without your regular income?

Income protection insurance pays a monthly
benefit of up to 75% of your regular income, if
you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury.

In most cases the premiums for this form of
insurance are tax deductible.

Death (life) cover

With the right amount of life insurance you
can feel safe knowing that your loved ones will
be looked after financially if you were to die or
become terminally ill.

Dealing with the death of a family member is never
easy but with life insurance your beneficiaries
can receive a lump sum payment to help them
financially during a difficult time.

Total and permanent
disablement (TPD)

Total and permanent disablement (TPD) cover
provides you with a lump sum payment if you
become disabled and you are unable to ever work

Having a financial safety net in the event of
disability can help ensure that you and your family
are provided for during this difficult time.

Trauma cover

What would happen to you and your family if you
were unable to work for 6 months? Who would
pay your bills? Could you cover your home loan

Trauma cover provides you with a lump sum
payment if you’re diagnosed with a specified
medical condition or serious injury, or undergo a
medical procedure outlined in your policy. This
can include a heart attack, major organ transplant,
cancer or stroke, just to name a few.

What’s next?

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